From The Oceans

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The band was formed in 2014 by drummer Johis Reed, who started the band along with guitarist Julio Ferreyra. The young members (under 20 years old at the time) then recruited musicians from the ashes of several local-based outfits. With the 2013 Ubisoft videogame AC:Black Flag serving as the inspiration for the band's name and influenced by aesthetic blends of deathcore, psychedelia & tumblr, From The Oceans aren't the average Metalcore band.

In late 2015, Ferreyra left the fold. Due to personal interests and life issues, some members departed from the band in early & mids 2016, by the end of that year, drummer Johis Reed decided to part ways with the remaining members.

Throughout 2017, Reed learned to play guitar, then, taking up all instrument duties, he re-wrote, produced & recorded on their own the band's forthcoming EP in seclusion and isolation to stay focused,

August 3, 2018 saw From The Oceans unleash their comeback banger "Demise" on YouTube via the band's VEVO, reaching No. 6 in the Official Vevo's Incoming Metal Playlist.

From The Oceans are currently one of the biggest Newcomers in the active metalcore scene, while maintaining a sound that is distinctly original, 'Demise' saw the band dropping some of their old school metalcore tendencies in lieu of a more melodic, modern-metalcore approach.

Poised now to release their second studio EP, the band have their eyes set on make a name for themselves across the world.